Good Practices For Better Web Designing

Good Practices For Better Web Designing

Web designing is the process of creating websites. All the aspects like web content, the way it looks and function are determined by the Web designing. It has direct impact on conversion. Hence an effective design can lead to a big lifts in conversion.  Good Practices For Better Web Designing


Website elements should be planned in such a manner so that yields high levels of accessibility and usability. In this article we will help you with some of the tips that make your site put far ahead of competition.

Best Practices For Effective Web Design

Know Your Audience

If you are planning to launch a website, you should have an idea of what your audience need. You have to develop a clear picture of their needs that will bring people to your website. Every web page of your site needs to be designed with a defined goal and has to fulfil the specific needs of the users in the most effective way possible.

good practices for better web designing

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web designing means designing the web pages which are compatible with multiple devices and platforms. Recent study shows that 80% of internet users have smartphones. Hence it is important to create better experiences for users on mobile devices.

When designing a web page you have to consider ‘Mobile first ‘approach. Note down all the content categories and prioritize the ranking. Then lay them out in the smallest view port first and add elements as needed when you move to larger view screens like tablet or desktop.

Scalable Navigation

Navigation is one among the challenging elements of a Web designing. You have to maintain a consistent navigation experience across web browsers or mobile devices. When the users navigate through your website they should feel easy and should know where they are on your websites. Navigation aspect should act as a map, directing your user through the website based on their interest. Make sure all navigation hyperlinks work properly and are not broken.

Well Organized Content

Your website content must be carefully designed so that it gives appropriate weight age for the targeted keywords. Web users don’t read articles thoroughly and they have very short attention. Therefore keep content as concise as possible. A few points to consider that influence easy reading and for effective content are:

  • High quality and original content
  • Grammar and sentence formation
  • Use headings and sub headings
  • Consider the length of the content and place optimized images in needed places to support the message.
  • Remove unnecessary information
  • Use easy-to-understand, , common shorter words
  • Consistent use of fonts, colors, font sizes and hyperlink colors
  • Content accessible with minimal clicks.
  • Decide on which content is required based on user interest and how to be presented.


An important area where some extra design attention can go a long way is website typography. Every font has a personality and your choice of fonts should be influenced by your audience. Keep lines in a consistent length so that it enables readers to move on with less effort.

Important points to consider in Typography


  • Some font types may work fine at larger or even medium sizes, but may lack clarity when they are sized down too small. This will impact on readability of users.


  • If you want to use a certain a font with thin letters, ensure that it is readable even in smallest size else consider a different font for those smallest sizes.


  • 16pt body type is default for most browsers and is good for all screen sizes.


  • Make headings clearly, at least 1.6 times as large as the text they support.


  • Comprise sufficient contrast on your entire website, including the text versus the background colour.


Good Overall Functionality

Functionality means ensuring all internal and external hyperlinks work and without any JavaScript errors. And also depends on how the website functions across all browsers. It also should work perfectly on older and current versions of browsers. Web designing should be a breeze for the users when they move around the website and they have to find exactly what they are looking for. Building website pages considering the end user in mind and combining the best website design practice is the best way to go about it.

According to the hick’s law, the time taken by a person to make a decision is directly proportional to the number of choices available to him. So it is obvious that if there are more choices offered to you a customer in your website by the web designer Chennai, the more time he will take to make the decision. This is true in the case of website design too.


So how can you avoid this? Eliminate the unnecessary choices that you offer to your visitors in your website. Seems simple, right? But the impact is greater than you expect. By getting rid of those unnecessary choices, you make it easy for the audience to complete a conversion process. So it is always recommended by the professionals of web design and Development Company in Chennai not to bombard the customers with too many links and distractions.

Navigation Bar

While a perfect navigation bar helps your customers to easily access your website, if it is not easy to handle it can even kill your website conversions. This is because, if the customer couldn’t navigate easily, he may be tempted to leave your website. You should make sure that the viewers of your website find your web pages easily and your navigation bars increase their chances to easily locate their searches.


Saying that website design is an essential element in the success of your business marketing strategy, you should leave a lasting impression with a well-managed website design. Whenever people hear about your business name or brand, the moment they recognize is probably your presence on the web which is the output from a prominent web design company in Chennai.


So it is the high time to make your website much more appealing with best possible user functionalities for grabbing maximum business leads. If you can’t offer an enthralling experience to your audience, it may become a tough battle for you to increase the conversion rates and sales