Important Website Design Practices for Best Conversions

Important Website Design Practices for Best Conversions

When it comes to business, the ultimate aim of it is to convert visitors into customers. Although the visual appeal of your website can attract the customer, in this global market visuals alone can’t survive. To truly optimize the opportunity, you have to build a website that offers better user experience in terms of both functionality and visual appearance.  Important Website Design Practices for Best Conversions

As you can’t leave your online presence a weak one, you should consider revamping your website design with essential elements.  Although you may have to devote a lot of time and energy and find a reputed web design company in Chennai  for that, still it will pay off in the end.

To make your website design seal the deal and improve conversions, here the best practices on how you can do it.

Switch to a responsive web design

Since Statistics say that 52.2% of all internet traffic is arrived from mobile devices, mobile responsive website design is kind of a big deal. With more benefits piled up behind the responsive website design for your business, it deserves a top priority in your best practices.

Moreover people have easier access to information than ever before with their multi-devices.  So it means that your website should be viewed from all different devices. Hence you need to ensure your website design is responsive with a website redesigning company. It will negate the need for pinching or scrolling horizontally and provides visitors with a great user experience.

important website design practices for best conversions

Grab the attention of your customers with your CTA buttons

Undoubtedly, the sole purpose of any website is to catch the attention of their targeted customers towards their Call to action buttons to make the desired action. Since they are the website elements that will persuade the customers to perform a particular action, it should be appealing and tempting. If you are not sure about how to achieve that you can get the help of a leading web design company in india.

Add a Value Proposition to your website design

What does the term value proposition mean to your business website? It tells the visitor what you do and why you do it in the right and understandable manner. So, how can you make that? Simple! Put your business value proposition on your website home page, if possible on the headline. You can add it in your ‘About us’ page or blog through your web designing services. This will make the visitors to know exactly what they will be getting from you, to know about your products and subscribe to your services or newsletter.

Make good use of whitespace

Just imagine you are visiting a website that is filled with content and visuals. Won’t you find it hard to navigate around that website? The same will be with your visitor, if your website is similar to that one. Complex structured websites are difficult to comprehend, scan and analyze. Hence it is advisable to make use of white spaces wherever you have the freedom to separate the two design segments. With white spaces in your website design, you can make your website design a more sophisticated and balanced one

Pay attention to visual hierarchy

The role of visual hierarchy is crucial in the web designing services in building conversion focused websites. It is the strategy where the right usages of colors, size, texture, font, alignment etc. are organized in terms of their significance. Some specific elements in your website may need special attention. Hence here Chennai web designing companies follow and use the visual hierarchy to make the important parts more prominent.


To be explained in simple terms, this is the practice where the thought is made from the user perspective and analyzed of things that make them happy.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one of the latest trends in Web designing to add an extra layer of dimension to your website. This helps in scrolling background and foreground web content at different speeds. This technique is beneficial for Web designing to create an illusion of depth for the users when they long scroll the website page providing a new level of depth. Parallax scrolling allows for new, fresher effects while giving more value to small websites and drawing the visitors’ attention with every scroll. This generates a fabulous user experience and gives a sleek and dazzling Web designing when used in the strategy of Web Design Company in Chennai. By making the scrolling more interesting and attractive, parallax scrolling promotes longer visit times. The longer the visit, the stronger the relationship of the visitor with the website will be.

Include Elements for Real-time Customer Support

The real time customer care support is imperative for the growth of any business, say experts of web designing company. Enabling the customers to make it easy to contact the executives and understand their issues will be of great tools in enhancing the business sales and conversion rates. This is the reason behind the introduction of live tools and chat-bots in the leading brands’ websites

Follow Hick’s Law

According to the hick’s law, the time taken by a person to make a decision is directly proportional to the number of choices available to him. So it is obvious that if there are more choices offered to you a customer in your website by the web designer Chennai, the more time he will take to make the decision. This is true in the case of website design too.


So how can you avoid this? Eliminate the unnecessary choices that you offer to your visitors in your website. Seems simple, right? But the impact is greater than you expect. By getting rid of those unnecessary choices, you make it easy for the audience to complete a conversion process. So it is always recommended by the professionals of web design and Development Company in Chennai not to bombard the customers with too many links and distractions.

Navigation Bar

While a perfect navigation bar helps your customers to easily access your website, if it is not easy to handle it can even kill your website conversions. This is because, if the customer couldn’t navigate easily, he may be tempted to leave your website. You should make sure that the viewers of your website find your web pages easily and your navigation bars increase their chances to easily locate their searches.


Saying that website design is an essential element in the success of your business marketing strategy, you should leave a lasting impression with a well-managed website design. Whenever people hear about your business name or brand, the moment they recognize is probably your presence on the web which is the output from a prominent web design company in Chennai.


So it is the high time to make your website much more appealing with best possible user functionalities for grabbing maximum business leads. If you can’t offer an enthralling experience to your audience, it may become a tough battle for you to increase the conversion rates and sales