Web Designing Trends - Smart Insights Into Digital Marketing

Web Designing Trends - Smart Insights Into Digital Marketing

Web designing encompasses different aspects like planning, creation and updating in the production and maintenance of websites. As digital media has become a major part of today’s people’s life, Web designing is gaining popularity in recent years. Trends arrived from experimentation and innovations are the driving factors for change that pushes industries forward for the better. Besides considering aesthetic aspects which makes the whole personality of the website, the usability of the website has also to be taken into priority. It is vital to make a page that the target market can identify with. It is fundamental for Web designing specialists of Web Design Company in Chennai to keep them redesigned with the latest trends to build an engaging website with incredible customer experience.


Certain web design trends and developments can give your website an elegant look that better communicates with your audience. Keeping up with the latest web designing trends will keep your business website look modern and professional. Hence we thought to share with you trending web design ideas that help you create the best websites possible.

Ease of Accessibility for Website Visitors

It is crucial to make your website easily accessible for the fits and needs of everyone who visits your website. By asking yourself a few questions such as, ‘Does my website provide all of my users’ an ease of accessibility? What would they expect from my website and how to be? Does my website allow them to do things easily?’ 

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of web accessibility. The Internet is now a primary source of information and communication. Hence for people with disabilities, accessing your website should not have any barriers. So don’t forget to ask your web design company in Chennai whether they ensure your website is built to good standards, and adapt any changes that you are approached about accessibility issues with your website.

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Wider Implementation of Responsive Design

Responsive Web designing is essentially an approach to build a website which adjusts its content to best display on any of the platforms irrespective of the device size. The widespread use of smartphones which are known to be the primary devices for browsing the web, makes responsive design a thoughtful approach among experts of Web Design Company in Chennai to deliver the content effectively on various sized devices. It is expected that the future Web designing will surely conquer more fans on mobile devices. Additionally, Google favors mobile-friendly responsive web designing and ranks them higher in the search results. Getting ready for a mobile-first world with responsive web designing is no longer a trend, but a necessity.

Flat and Material Design

As flat designs focus on simplicity by driving the whole design to the user experience, this will be adopted by more designers. Flat design bears an outstanding benefit of appealing equally engaging on both resolution and high resolution screens. Flat Web designing colours and shades are one of the ultimate designs for people of Web Design Company in Chennai and helps developers to create beautiful websites with simpler code but the same effect. And on the other hand material design which is an improved version combines some aspects of the popular flat design with some slight animation and gradients to produce 3D effect and also makes navigation much easier.

Virtual Reality (VR)

These are the Web designing with 360-degree video and other highly interactive experiences with three-dimensional effects. VR technology pours its efforts to take the users to a new level entering in a new and imagined world enabling them to learn or empathize, have fun, can play and interact with each other or with robots and be perfectly on-trend. Pertaining to its market domination, any features that it implements are sure to set the pace for other platforms, says a developer from Web Design Company in Chennai

Increased use of animations and GIFs

Animations are an awesome approach for showing how something functions and they convey things less demanding and quicker than content or pictures. It is anticipated that in future the use of animations will become more prevalent, since more content types are shared and animation and GIFs help to communicate things easier and quicker better than text and video. In addition this can often be even more lightweight than conveying through several images or even a video. It is widely used for quick production of CSS transitions and animations to make the user experience more charming and amenable in Web Design Company in Chennai. As Web designing moves far towards the flat design patterns, animations will go along with it, and we can visualize them to become smoother and better to the users with faster processing

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one of the latest trends in Web designing to add an extra layer of dimension to your website. This helps in scrolling background and foreground web content at different speeds. This technique is beneficial for Web designing to create an illusion of depth for the users when they long scroll the website page providing a new level of depth. Parallax scrolling allows for new, fresher effects while giving more value to small websites and drawing the visitors’ attention with every scroll. This generates a fabulous user experience and gives a sleek and dazzling Web designing when used in the strategy of Web Design Company in Chennai. By making the scrolling more interesting and attractive, parallax scrolling promotes longer visit times. The longer the visit, the stronger the relationship of the visitor with the website will be.


As illustrations are paving a great way to make complex things more understandable and the intangible tangible, it has taken the web world by storm over the past few years. Modern business industries are interested in explaining complex concepts, and want to draw user focus with unique visual brand identities.

Relevant illustrations in your web design can make the website stand out from a crowd and could establish a truly emotional bonding with visitors. The most common problems by the website like high bounce rates and low customer engagement have led to the use of custom illustrations, not only for catching the users’ eye, but also as a form of effective communication. Thus illustrations can be quite a versatile tool in the web designing world of Web Design Company in India.

Typography Goes Big

Typography has the potential to show the user who is behind the website and what you are about and is taking a central role in Web designing. Typography launches a way of communication and, in turn, the personality of the website. The choice of typeface will define how people respond to your website. It works well both for attracting and retaining users’ attention. And can be used to break up the grids if the website has a long scrolling page, especially. The typography is sure to play an important role in leading Web Design Companies in Chennai helping the website communicate in a better way to the customers. Most of the people visit websites to read the content of what it is offering to them. Whether it may be an article, a product review, or an explanation of the trending new app, people visit the website to read text but not to see what colors or design elements have been used. This clearly implies that becoming a master of typography will open a way to automatically ensure that the website is 90% successful.


As customers are becoming more demanding and look for easy and instant ways to communicate with businesses, traditional online experiences are getting replaced by modern Chat-bots in their output from Web Design Company in Chennai.Since most of the customers expect to find the information they look for in a click of a button and in the blink of an eye, most of the businesses will expect to integrate the emerging Chat-bot in their business applications.

Chat-bots use the existing information and resources, to help answer and resolve the queries of customers. It is able to recognize and answer multiple forms of the same question and is well trained to give instant responses using preferred voice and tone.


In today’s evolving digital world, most people do not have a minute to spare. This hurried pace extends to the realm of Web designing. Hence Web designing should satisfy the demands of users with a vast range of options for viewing the website. These days we can see tremendous innovations in the Web designing trends that survive outstandingly well over the internet.